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♡ Die passende Hülle für deinen flapgrip

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We wish you lots of fun with your flapgcase!

The flapcase was developed by us to protect your smartphone and is the perfect complement to your flapgrip.

The outside is made of high-quality silicone, feels good to the touch and is a perfect combination with the multifunctional flapgrip.

The flapcase fits perfectly in the hand, is slim and light, protects your smartphone from scratches and is finished with a soft microfiber lining on the inside.

What is Flapgrip?
Flapgrip is a smartphone grip that can be attached to any smartphone with a reliable and strong 3M adhesive which can be easily removed. With Flapgrip, you can hang your phone (almost) anywhere, be it in your car as a ventilation holder or on any edge to record a video or join a conference call. Flapgrip can also be used as a media stand to watch your favorite videos horizontally and hands-free, or as a phone holder to keep a better grip on your smartphone - the possibilities are (almost) endless.

Is flapgrip a case?
No, flapgrip is NOT a case - but it can be attached to your smartphone/cover to hang your smartphone (almost) anywhere or turn it into a media stand to watch your favorite videos.

Can I use the flapgrip with any smartphone?
Yes, flapgrip works with any smartphone and almost any case! The flapgrip is designed to attach to your smartphone (or case) with a secure 3M adhesive.

  • On the road in the car: Secure mounting on the ventilation without an adapter
  • Practical media stand: relaxed streaming of your videos and series
  • For hanging up the smartphone e.g. on the laptop for video conferences and hands-free video recording
  • Ideal as a phone grip: For perfect selfies and the operation of larger smartphones
  • Easy to use: just stick it on the back of your smartphone / cover
  • Thin: almost imperceptible when carried in a pocket
  • Dimensions: approx. 75 x 30 mm, weight 9g
  • Material with good grip: High-quality silicone, stable metal plate and spring steel
  • Works with any smartphone and almost all cases (may not hold on some leather/silicone cases)

The push at the top makes the flapgrip ready for use.
To close the flapgrip, press the flapgrip down again

  • Open

    open flapgrip
  • Close

    close flapgrip